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At 09:58 AM 9/25/99 , Der UberHanyok wrote:
>okay guys, I watched 0080 last night and had to watch the scene twice to
>make sure I wasn't seeing things... There's a gelgoog marine in 0080,
>sure of it. You don't see very much of it, but I'm positive that there's
>in there.
>Now, if I remember correctly, about the time that 0080 takes place,
>Base is leaving Side 6, and Char still has his gelgoog "prototype" that
>they're testing. What gives? did I miss something?

Char's YMS-14 Gelgoog was already tested and certified and the field data
gathered. They never bother to give him a normal Commander's type MS-14S
Gelgoog because there really isn't that much difference.

As for the other variants that sprung up in 0080 & 0083, 0080 is a
limited edition MS-14g Gelgoog Jaeger, and 0083's version is MS-14F &
MS-14Fs, Gelgoog Marine, for specialized forces like Cima's ragtag fleet.

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