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Sun, 26 Sep 1999 02:49:30 +0800

Der UberHanyok wrote:
> 0080 has a great story and all that stuff. but 0083 is a stereotypical
> "giant robot anime w/pretty good plot, despite the large holes" - they just
> did it REALLY, REALLY well. That's what I think. Also, like I said about
> that whole newtype stuff, that's why I think 0083 will be more popular in
> the US than the other series, if it ever catches on here, the simplicity of
> it all. Us gundam nuts are still a minority, unfortunately.

It's the whole Gundam vs Gundam thing. I don't think any other MS match
up can beat that. The animation quality in 0083 is also sharper than
0080. After a while, 0080 starts to show its age. Eye candy is always
better at attracting the attention of newbie ...


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