Jorge Lee (
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 02:34:34 +0800

I just got the November issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine. The main
feature is a series of dioramas based on MS Era. Interesting dioramas
showing Zeon MSes in different military situations like supporting
ground troops, assaulting a bridge and even a Zaku production line.

What is MS Era? Is it an anime or a book? There are some cut scenes in
the feature that suggest an anime source. However, further in the
magazine, there is an advertisment on a book, MS Era 0099, that is to be
release on 10th Nov. It's 3500yen with 156 pages. It's published by
Mediaworks, the same publisher for Dengeki Hobby.

Does anybody have any idea what MS Era is about?


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