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> I especially empathize with the way Al was forced to grow up in a
> matter of days... and Chris' ignorance of Bernie's fate was especially

indeed. The last five minutes of 0080, in the context of all six episodes,
are probably going to stand out in my mind as easily the most emotionally
manipulative scenes in an anime.

> Still, 0080 seems to have less publicity than the rest of the
> series. Was there a particular reason why it wasn't as "hot" as shows like

0080 has a great story and all that stuff. but 0083 is a stereotypical
"giant robot anime w/pretty good plot, despite the large holes" - they just
did it REALLY, REALLY well. That's what I think. Also, like I said about
that whole newtype stuff, that's why I think 0083 will be more popular in
the US than the other series, if it ever catches on here, the simplicity of
it all. Us gundam nuts are still a minority, unfortunately.

> Which leads me to a comment about the flood of CGI/CG mails
> I feel CG can make a good story better -- see Macross Plus for an
example --
> but lately I feel the US has been featuring films which are more
> stunning (lots and lots of CG) but has a story deader than dead. CG is
> great, but the story has to be there to begin with... CG is worthless on
> own, it can't substitute for a good story.

yeah. sounds like what I've been trying to say, sort of. I also have a
problem with the way some of the CG animation looks, but I do agree with
your point.

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