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>The first time I watched 0080 I thought it was half-decent, but
>the complete gut-wrenching twist in the end left me going "whoah, GOOD OVA."

        Still, 0080 seems to have less publicity than the rest of the Gundam
series. Was there a particular reason why it wasn't as "hot" as shows like 0083?

>Tough choice, but I really think that of the two, I'd go with 0080.
>Completely NOT what you'd expect from "giant robot cartoons," it'd be a good
>one to introduce someone to gundam. Or maybe 0083, because it's just such a
>COOL series. Idunno, I'm pretty indecisive about it, I guess.

        When I first watched 0083, I thought it was a great show. After I
joined this list, I came to realise it's a lot of eye candy.. very good eye
candy, but still..

        Which leads me to a comment about the flood of CGI/CG mails lately.
I feel CG can make a good story better -- see Macross Plus for an example --
but lately I feel the US has been featuring films which are more technically
stunning (lots and lots of CG) but has a story deader than dead. CG is
great, but the story has to be there to begin with... CG is worthless on its
own, it can't substitute for a good story.

>> uncomplicated story, rather than 0083, which has some... plot holes you
>>can walk a Dom through. =)
>Heh, I laughed so hard when I read this... great line, dude. heh, doms...

        Heh. Thanks. =) It was either the Dom or the GP-02. Somehow, GP-02
didn't fit the image...

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