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>0080 is my choice. it blows away many misconceptions
>of anime (not only gundam) -- namely the over-the-top
>sexist and violence stereotypes of anime.

        Yup. Some of the older shows had this problem, which is why I find
*certain* Gundam shows so refreshing -- it's about real life people making
real life decisions, about gray areas which other shows just pigeonholes
into black and white.. But then again, you all will already know this, right?

>the characters seem very real. the kids are annoying in an endearing
>sort of way and make you just say "yeah, i was like that when i was a kid"
>chris and bernie are one of the more outstanding 'tragic couples'.

        I especially empathize with the way Al was forced to grow up in a
matter of days... and Chris' ignorance of Bernie's fate was especially touching.

>i liked that scene in 0083 though...
>gato: "amateur! have to have something to fight
>for, understand?"
>uraki: "yes sir!"

        LOL! I liked that scene -- honestly, when I was in the basc
training, when someone shouts like that to me, I would have responded like
this too. =)
        That scene was just so funny..

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