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--- KurenaiJiku <> wrote:
> Macross and Robotech have totally different music
> tracks. I should know, I
> have both collections. LOL Macross Complete, a
> whole bunch of special
> "original" (man forked out like 50 to 60 for each)
> Macross CD's, and then I
> got Robotech Perfect in Mp3.
> Which track are you looking for?

ok, i just popped in a couple of episodes of robotech
and looked for it. :]

the earliest the track appears is in episode's
when roy and rick check on minmey (during the
zentraedi assault). roy tells rick to fire his
rockets and take off while he holds the zentraedi pods
at bay.

the background theme when rick takes off and is shown
flying upside down (with minmey in guardian's hand) on
the tv screen is the one i'm looking for. it goes on
while roy asks rick how minmey is and rick tells roy
he found her first. THAT pumped up background music.

do ya have the track? i can't find it anywhere on the
net :(

we should probably continue this off the mailing list,
via private email. :)

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