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>> Really!? Dr. "assymetrical" has a daughter? I didn't
>> know that. What's the Thunderbirds? Anyhow, Centurions
>> was far too western if you ask me.
>Thunderbirds was a "Supermarionation" puppet show about an organization
>called International Rescue that used five fantastic machines to conduct
>seemingly impossible rescue missions around the world. It was swiped very
>heavily for the anime series Science Rescue Team Technoboygar (AKA
>TechnoVoyager, but the logo on the machines was "TB"), which in turn was
>later dubbed into English as Thunderbirds 2086.
        (sorry for replying to an OT post, I just can't resist this
one.. )
        And still (just barely) remembered by anime fans of a certain
age, along with the aforementioned Cities of Gold and Ulysses 31. Forget
the 90s, the 80s was the golden age of anime in the West! ^_^

>Thunderbird 1 was a hypersonic rocket plane that doubled as the command
>center for eah rescue operation. Thunderbird 2 was a giant transport
>plane, not all that different from the Garuda class superplanes in Z
>Gundam, that carried the bulk of the rescue equipment, including
>Thunderbird 4, a small yellow submarine. Thunderbird 3 was a
>single-stage-to-orbit rocket ship, which carried members of the team to and
>from Thunderbird 5, an orbital space station that monitored all
>communications traffic on Earth to determine when the Thunderbirds were needed.
        You forgot Thunderbird Six, though that only appeared in one of
the movies... it was a small yellow biplane. Really! Oh, and the
"unofficial" member of the team, that most refined of motor vehicles
Lady Penelopes stunning six wheeled, pink, Rolls Royce...

>"5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1! Thunderbirds ... are GO!"

        Incidentally, Hideki Anno, director of Evangelion and Gunbuster,
worked on translating Gerry Anderson shows into Japanese, and this
probably explains some "tributes" that turn up in some of his most
famous works - for example, the hypersonic transport Noriko catches in
the first episodes of Gunbuster (its somewhat similar in appearance to a
vehicle that appeared in Thunderbirds, the Fireflash), or Tokyo 3s habit
of sinking into the ground for protection (a similar trick was performed
by WASP HQ in Stingray), and of course the launch sequences of the Evas.
I've also noticed that sometimes in Evangelion, the music is reminiscent
of some of the themes from Gerry Anderson shows...
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