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>Rodrick Su ponders,
>>Much has been mentioned about how the California Base in OYW manuefactored
>>Dom, Gog, Aguy, Zugock, etc. But which base is the California Base? My
>>guess would be Vandenberg AFB in Santa Barbara. My guess is based on the
>>fact that Vandenberg is the USAF's primary base for space based operation
>>such as launching of satellite and future space developement.

Vandenberg AFB is also the alternate launch site for the STS. Launches
from the Kennedy Space Center all go eastward into equatorial orbits, but
launches from Vandenburg go southward down the Western Test Range into
polar orbits, which are used primarily by meteorology and remote Earth
sensing satellites.

Oh, yeah, and Vandenberg is in Lompoc, not Santa Barbara.

I was given to understand that the Hickory launch facility used by the
Kalaba and AEUG in Z Gundam was supposed to be a restored Vandenberg AFB.

> Yeah, that's a good candidate. My latest wild guess was the China Lake
>complex, which is a) big, b) an amalgation of various air forces bases,
>weapons development centers, and testing grounds, and c) in the desert,
>which is where all the MSV illos indicated that Zeon ground mobile suits
>were tested.
> Any other ideas?

Edwards AFB, the secondary landing site for the STS (primaries being
Kennedy and Vandenberg) and home of the Dryden Flight Research Center. It,
too, is at the center of a cluster of military bases (George AFB, Palmdale
AFB and Lancaster Field). But I suppose it could be considered an
extension of China Lake. It's only the STS connection that distinguishes
it and Vandenberg's the primary.

Has it occurred to anyone that "California" may refer to the city or area,
not the state? It happens that there are Californias in Kentucky, Maine,
Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia ...
and there's a California City in California!

It's located at about 35N by 118W, a mere 23 km (14 miles) due north of
Edwards AFB, population just under 20,000....


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