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X and ZZ worst gundam Series??!!!

I doubt that the worst is X I mean, sure it ended up crappy but at least it
was original. ZZ, that WAS really crappy I agree but X wasn't THAT bad, Its
like a pretty good idea but directed badly i guess.

I would rank wing up there with one of the all time crap series. The story is
so "bootleg", the point of hiring new writers for the alternate universes was
to make a few original stories not a messed One Year War, Char's Counterattack
and 0083 rolled up into one short, badly drawn series.

I mean I could understand you if you say X is boring and hell yeah its boring
but Wing is totally just plagerism. Why Tomino Yoshiyuki let that guy write
such a story is beyond me. Not just that but MS's of the series are also

Wing just hints at a rejected Zeta. Shenglong/altron just reaks of Dragon from
G and also the ideas of different nationalties of the pilots just reminded me
too much of G Gundam.

I know it was really popluar but it annoys me when copycats take so much
credit geez..


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