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> Rodrick writes,
> >I like the mecha designs of Crossbone Gundam, but the
> character design isn't
> >up to par. I mean, you got these wonderfully swiss army knife like
> >Crossbone Gundam piloting by badly designed characters (I
> really like the
> >character design of F91, so Crossbone's character
> >design is really disappointing).
> Can't argue with you there. We have Seabook and Cecily,
> aged 17 in F91;
> now they're 27, and they look about 7. I'd love to see them
> all redrawn
> by a better artist.
> But otherwise, you have these awesomely cool mobile suits
> (especially
> the wheeled Vagon), nice sets and ships, and a story better than just
> about any animated UC sequel (aside from the bit where the orangutan
> drives the worker mobile suit, perhaps). And the battle sequences! My
> god! How can you beat the Crossbone versus F91 duel? Or the desperate
> struggle against the onslaught of dead-eyed Divinidads?

When Flint first shows up, I had to recheck the page. They GMnized a
Crossbone Gundam. You know the process, remove the V antenna, put a visor
over the eyes cameras, and simplified the mobile suit. The stuff they
removed are mostly for cost/function purpose. I mean, other than
newtype/aces, who has time to learn how to use scissor anchor. The cross
brand marker/beam shield was simplified to just beam shield (I think cost
factor here). The zanber and beam as well as their combo has been
simplified to just regular beam rifle, and the pair of heat daggers were
omitted probably for cost. And the core fighter function was also removed,
though not the Cross shaped boosters.

Of all of the Mobile Suits over the UC continum, Crossbone Gundam most
closely resembles a swiss army knife. It has 2 regular beam saber/launcher
(I believe when in the core buster mode, they function more like a beam
launcher), 1 medium range beam gun shaped like a flint lock pistle, a large
beam zanber which combined with the beam gun can be used to fire a tactical
atomic shell. 2 set of familiar 60mm vulcan guns, 2 more machine cannons, 2
scissor anchor for close quarter combat. 2 beam shield that can be turn
into offensive weapon brand marker, very useful for very close quarter
combat. and 2 heat dagger just in case you really ran out of weapons. Also
unlike some of the other Mobile Suits, they use every last bit of the
weapons on these Gundams.

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