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Man This is a sad day.
Ive disgreed with some of the opnions on th list before, as has everyone,
but I could always count on you, Mark Simmons to come in state a position
that I would agree with. Or even jst an opinion I could accept. Man, I LIKED
X. Sure all the things you said were correct, But I knew that going in, I
was looking for Neat Robots destroying each other, and it delivered. I liek
the designs, and you could counton every episode containing some sort of
Mecha clash. i I had wanted a good story I would have watched the originals
or f91. I just wanted coll robots fighting, without the goofyness of G. But
know , I must reconsider my thoughts on this series. I was apparantly in a
fevered state when I watched them. I will re-lurk now.
(The above was stated as humor. this discalmer it to avoiud the though that
im Being rude)

                            Will Horner
                            EX-X Gundam Fan
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> Kaworu Nagisa asks,
> > Why? What's up w/ X? Well, I don't think I like the
> > Gundams from X that much, but I see there's quite a
> > lot more to be hated about it. So, what's it then?
> It started out promisingly enough, with this sort of post-apocalyptic
> worst-case-scenario One Year War aftermath. Then the plot goes away, and
> it becomes this tedious scavenger hunt for newtypes. Even when they come
> up with an actual story halfway through, it's driven by these
> ugly-looking, boring, annoying characters - dull Captain Jamil, dreary
> wallflower Tiffa, the tacky and badly-drawn Frost brothers, and so on and
> so on. Even hero Garrod, who starts out as an attitude-packed punk,
> quickly morphs into a self-righteous little prig like ZZ's Judo Ashita.
> There were isolated bits that I liked - the enemy mecha designs, the
> episode where Garrod gets trashed by enemy newtype Karis Nautilus, and,
> uh, that's about it. For the most part, I thought it was incredibly
> boring and I hated all the lame-ass characters. That includes the
> two-dimensional bridge bunnies, trashy jailbait Ennil El, you name it. I
> was enjoying the very occasional flashbacks to the Seventh Space War
> until I realized that, duh, it was just original Gundam drawn
> differently. If the best part of the series is the thinly-veiled
> flashbacks to the 1979 original, why watch this one?
> Whew! Well, you asked for my gripes, you got 'em. From day to day,
> either ZZ or Gundam X might rank as my absolute least favorite Gundam
> series. But at least ZZ has a couple of enjoyable characters...
> > Wow! Thanks! ^^ By the way, if I'm gonna write a fic
> > w/ Domon & the G Gundam in it, which do you think is
> > better to use, the original Japanese or the english translation of his
> >famous attack phrase?
> Hm, depends. Translating the names of the actual attacks, like the
> Sekiha Tenkyouken, might be ill-advised; if memory serves, this is
> something like the Stonecutter's Fist or something, which lacks a certain
> poetry. But the verbal windup phrases, like "I'm gonna light you up with
> this here hand," work better if you understand what's being said.
> -- Mark
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