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Kaworu Nagisa asks,

> Why? What's up w/ X? Well, I don't think I like the
> Gundams from X that much, but I see there's quite a
> lot more to be hated about it. So, what's it then?

  It started out promisingly enough, with this sort of post-apocalyptic
worst-case-scenario One Year War aftermath. Then the plot goes away, and
it becomes this tedious scavenger hunt for newtypes. Even when they come
up with an actual story halfway through, it's driven by these
ugly-looking, boring, annoying characters - dull Captain Jamil, dreary
wallflower Tiffa, the tacky and badly-drawn Frost brothers, and so on and
so on. Even hero Garrod, who starts out as an attitude-packed punk,
quickly morphs into a self-righteous little prig like ZZ's Judo Ashita.

  There were isolated bits that I liked - the enemy mecha designs, the
episode where Garrod gets trashed by enemy newtype Karis Nautilus, and,
uh, that's about it. For the most part, I thought it was incredibly
boring and I hated all the lame-ass characters. That includes the
two-dimensional bridge bunnies, trashy jailbait Ennil El, you name it. I
was enjoying the very occasional flashbacks to the Seventh Space War
until I realized that, duh, it was just original Gundam drawn
differently. If the best part of the series is the thinly-veiled
flashbacks to the 1979 original, why watch this one?

  Whew! Well, you asked for my gripes, you got 'em. From day to day,
either ZZ or Gundam X might rank as my absolute least favorite Gundam
series. But at least ZZ has a couple of enjoyable characters...

> Wow! Thanks! ^^ By the way, if I'm gonna write a fic
> w/ Domon & the G Gundam in it, which do you think is
> better to use, the original Japanese or the english translation of his
>famous attack phrase?

  Hm, depends. Translating the names of the actual attacks, like the
Sekiha Tenkyouken, might be ill-advised; if memory serves, this is
something like the Stonecutter's Fist or something, which lacks a certain
poetry. But the verbal windup phrases, like "I'm gonna light you up with
this here hand," work better if you understand what's being said.

-- Mark

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