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Alvaro Jimenez asks,

>Could anybody please advise me about the quality of Kodansha BomBom Comics
>Mobile Suit Gundam F91 and Mobile Suit Gundam 0080? Are they faithful
>adaptations only or do they include additional info/material?

Nightingale answers,

>I have read the Kodansha's manga of "Gundam 0080". The
>story was drawn in typical Japanese manga style (i.e.,
>graphically striking w/o regards of proportion), so if
>you are looking for OVA-style illustration on this
>"0080" manga, you will be disappointed. Yet, it has
>some additional segments exclusive to this book, such
>as Lt. Col. Killing's fleet was wiped out by a wave of
>Federal Force's MS, including FA-78-1 "Full Armored
>Gundam" that does not appear on the OVA. At the end of
>the book also includes a short segment of 0080's MS
>spec. My verdict for this book: stay away if you are
>not a manga fan.

  I actually have both of these, and I'll second Nightingale's take on
the 0080 comic, with the note that this was the one I had in mind when I
wrote that many of the BomBom adaptations are "dumbed-down kiddie
versions." (Well, this and the truly godawful V Gundam one.) The ten-page
Full Armor Gundam cameo was kinda gratituous, but the art is just
generally pretty bad.

  The F91 comic is actually a bit better - it's better drawn, it's
actually pretty funny, and the bit with the Bugs slicing up hapless
colonists is actually pretty gruesome. If you like F91, you might want to
pick this up, but it's certainly no Crossbone Gundam...

-- Mark

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