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It's been a long time since I read my Sentinels artbook. :) It has the
complete story.

>>Sentinels was cancelled due to the conflicts between the toy manufacturer
>>and animation production company. Mattel (I think that's the toy company)
>>used most of the Sentinels budget for the toys...and then the animators
>>didn't have much left to produce anymore episodes than 3 to 4. That's why
>>you would still see the seldom Sentinels toy like the Shocktrooper or such,
>>but not the show.
>*shakes his head* Not likely. The manufacturer, Matchbox, would not have
>access to the same budget that the production staff had, unless someone at
>Harmony Gold were a complete %$#^head. Any show's production team that were
>to do this sort of thing would be very foolish, as the costs of building the
>prototypes and then putting them into production would bankrupt the
>production company. What happened is that when the line of Robotech toys
>produced by Matchbox for Robotech failed miserably, Matchbox yanked the
>budget, stranding production.
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