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> overall, i think the macross 7 toys are much better.
> -garrick

Well, I have the Perfect Variable kit for the YF-19, YF-21, VF-4G, and
VF-5000B, and I have to say that if you can ever finish the YF-19, you will
have the model you wanted but didn't get with the toys and injection kits.
But this kit is a pain in the @$$ for anyone with little to no GK building
experience. I had decided to start with "cheap" free pose resins (cheap in
only that they cost as much as MG kits), then "cheap" full action resin
(twice the cost of a MG kit), before I'd even start on the Perfect Variables
(in which you can buy 5 to 6 MG kits for each one).

But, oh my god, are these kits awesome when completed.


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