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> Does anyone remember "Galaxy Rangers"? It's old, but I
> tell you, the animation can beat the crap outta most of
> their 90's cartoons. What I don't get is why they can't
> make something as good or even better than that. The way
> I see it, Japanese animation progresses while American
> animation regresses... and they try to focus on GGIs.

I vaguely remember "Ronin Warriors" as having extremely good animation. And
I like the animation in the Batman/Superman series too. Like I said before,
I think CGI only really works well as special effects - it doesn't work
right with cartoons as the ONLY method of art. (A few movies, as previously
noted, have done the cartoon/CG mix pretty well.) Someone will prove me
wrong one day, I'm sure, but until that day I'll stick to actual animation.

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