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Fri, 24 Sep 1999 13:14:52 -0400

>Of course. it's partly colonial mentality here in the philippines...if
>it's from the USA, it must be good, and that Japanese stuff is only second
>best -- which isn't always the case. But they'll insist it is anyway.
>Apologies to all US citizens and Japanese citizens, but that is how a lot
>of people think here in the philippines.

 Yeah... sad to say, that's the way it goes around here.
 Heck, not too many people here appreciate J-pop for that
 matter. Not to mention that there's also this "cartoons
 are for kids" mentality here... ~_~ I'm just glad I'm
 not one of those shallow-minded *mumble mumble*

>>worst of all are those nimrods who look down on gundam
>>or macross or any 'silly robot show' (because they
>>don't understand them and think they're for kids), but
>>go all teary eyed when they see voltes v, the
>>"greatest anime ever". begging pardon, but that's

 Ha ha ha ha ha! Voltes V ain't that bad, I would just
 never agree on "the greatest anime" thing. Voltes V
 was recently popular probably because of nostalgia,
 but that popularity has almost died down two months
 ago. Hah! Proof enough that it ain't that good! ^-^
 Well, Pokemon and Dragonball will soon be replacing
 Voltes V & Daimos... my only worry is that if the
 rumors about Pokemon are true...

>Yeah, I've seen those. I had the great expeirence of having one watch
>Endless Waltz with me. He was so shocked to see the story actually being
>deep. then I told him that gundam was much more than just EW. He was
>kinda agog.

>>now don't get me wrong, i've tuned in for the past 36
>>friday nights to watch voltes v and even went to see
>>the theatrical release of the last five episodes...but
>>all that glorification is too much for me. there's so
>>much stuff that you can poke fun at voltes v, but it's
>>immune because it's cult. gah!

 Yep, the promotions were just too much! Don't tell me
 they'll claim Voltes V to be "Mecha of the Millenium" ^^;

>I dunno, I've had endless good times making fun of Voltes V. anything that
>cheesy and soapy deserves to be spoofed. it was good for its day, but hey,
>those were the days...

 Ha ha ha! Here's an idea I got from watching Voltes V...
 Remember that part when Prince Heinel & Kenichi dueled
 in the North Pole? What if Kenichi won? I imagined he
 would have finished the good prince off with a V-letter
 cut! ^^;

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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