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> Yeah, I've seen those. I had the great expeirence of having one watch
> Endless Waltz with me. He was so shocked to see the story actually being
> deep. then I told him that gundam was much more than just EW. He was
> kinda agog.

I think you said all that just so you could say "agog." heh.

Actually, I have a similar story that's happened many times. Whenever I try
to explain Gundam to someone, they think it's just another "giant robot"
show, so I sit 'em down and make 'em watch the first two episodes of Gundam
0080. Then they want to see the next one, and by the end of the series they
want to know where they can get their own copy. Ain't no better method of
persuasion than letting them see for themselves, huh?

Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok
"Amazing. You spoke all that but didn't actually say anything."

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