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> > Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in the last message.
> > Garrick - I've recently
> > discovered that there are two more import stores in
> > my arera that also deal
> > with domestic merchandise.
> where DO you live, mon?

heh, I figured the mention of "more" import stores would get someone's
attention. I live in good old Laurel, MD USA. (we're commonly referred to as
the "town 15 minutes south of Baltimore.") There's three in the "local"
area - one in College Park, about 10 minutes from here on the highway, right
near the big-ass campus known as the "University of Maryland." (Clever name,
eh?) This past week I discovered the existence of another store in
Rockville, slightly farther down the highway, maybe 20 minutes or so. Then,
there's this big supplier based out of Northern Virginia, I can't remember
the name... starland imports or something. Anyhow, they're about 45 minutes
from here, and while I usually wouldn't consider that "local," my
grandparent's house happens to be right in the middle of the trip, which
means I can stop off for good old-fashioned home cookin on the way down. ;-)
I think there's also one north of here in Towson (past baltimore) but I'm
having a hard time remembering for sure.

Will gladly hang out with other gundam/macross/anime nuts. Dunno how many of
you are actually in that area tho. (The DC/Baltimore/Northern VA area, that

Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok
"Amazing. You spoke all that but didn't actually say anything."

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