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> Subject: Re: [gundam] (Severely OT) Robotech 3000
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> > CG stands for computer graphics. CGI stands for computer graphic image.
> > Being grammatically and "politically" correct, I suggest using CG.
> MainFrame, the company that did ReBoot, Beast Wars, War Planets, and now
> Beast Machines calls their shows CGI animated television programming.
> ( I'll stick to CGI. I don't
> really care if its not "politically" incorrect. MainFrame calls their shows
> CGI, so I'll stick with CGI. I've never heard CG used for shows like Beast
> Wars and Voltron before. I'll use CGI and you can use CG, lets agree to
> disagree and leave it at that.
> Aaron

Take it from someone who deals with it all the time, we almost never use
the term cgi, it's always cg. "The effects were too cg", "I do cg effects
for movies", "You want it cg or practical?", "He wants cg explosions on top
of that element", etc. I usually see cgi used in articles and such. I
can't remember if it means computer graphics imagery or computer generated
imagery or what.


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