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>hey, i should drop in on your cubicle sometime richie!
>out of curiosity...what models do you have in your

I've left teaching already, but when I was there, I had the 1/100 EW stuff
on display, as well as my beloved 1/100 GXX/G-Falcon. you can imagine how
weird it looked...and cramped.

>to the matter at hand...i've never heard much of model
>kit affection labelled as "immature". as long as the
>people know that they're "model kits". they seem to
>draw the line between a model kit and a toy. but
>since those very same people are the ones who consider
>drag racing, drinking, bar-hopping and one-night
>stands as 'mature adult' things...i think we can
>safely discount their opinions. :P

Verily. I had a co-teacher who was a Motorcycle fanatic (down to leather
jacket, helmet, goggles and gloves -- and a the Philippines
tropical weather), and they liked his hobby more than mine. of course, I
had one advantage over him. the powers-that-be never suspected me of
hittin on students.

>what DOES get my goat is when people look down on
>ANYTHING that's animated (any anime for that matter).
>and those same people all go wooshy wooshy gaga on
>walt disney animated feature films.

Of course. it's partly colonial mentality here in the philippines...if
it's from the USA, it must be good, and that Japanese stuff is only second
best -- which isn't always the case. But they'll insist it is anyway.
Apologies to all US citizens and Japanese citizens, but that is how a lot
of people think here in the philippines.

>worst of all are those nimrods who look down on gundam
>or macross or any 'silly robot show' (because they
>don't understand them and think they're for kids), but
>go all teary eyed when they see voltes v, the
>"greatest anime ever". begging pardon, but that's

Yeah, I've seen those. I had the great expeirence of having one watch
Endless Waltz with me. He was so shocked to see the story actually being
deep. then I told him that gundam was much more than just EW. He was
kinda agog.

>now don't get me wrong, i've tuned in for the past 36
>friday nights to watch voltes v and even went to see
>the theatrical release of the last five episodes...but
>all that glorification is too much for me. there's so
>much stuff that you can poke fun at voltes v, but it's
>immune because it's cult. gah!

I dunno, I've had endless good times making fun of Voltes V. anything that
cheesy and soapy deserves to be spoofed. it was good for its day, but hey,
those were the days...

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