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>> Ha ha ha ha ha! No wonder it lost so easily in the
>> finals ^^;
> That's where the cheaters get their comeuppance. :-)

 Right! ^^;

> Right. As I noted, in the tournament round, you no longer get
>disqualified if your Gundam is decapitated or destroyed; everybody fights
>everybody else, or almost so, and the contestants for the final round are
>selected based on their overall score. Thus, Domon eventually battles and
>defeats each of his friends, but they all did so well in the tournament
>that they're eligible for the Battle Royal. And everybody gets a chance
>to destroy the hapless Nether Gundam.

 Oh... I see... one thing that puzzles me though is how
 come people from the G Gundam world think that the
 Gundam Rose is such a beautiful piece of art? I think
 that among the main protagonist Gundams, it is the
 worst-looking next to the Maxter.

>> Hmm... just a thought here; how come I see a Gundam
>> that looks like either the RX-78-2 or the V Gundam
>> in Stoker's narration earlier in the series?
> I might have missed that, but you get a whole bunch of Gundam cameos in
>the last two episodes - including the Wing Gundam, in sort of a sneak
>preview of the next series!

 Well, can't wait to see that ^^ But you know, I kinda
 liked G Gundam better than Gundam Wing. GW kinda bores
 me. I like the Wufei episodes though... especially the
 first one, it was so funny ^^

>> Umm... wasn't he already using the "God Finger" at that
>> time? And what about the "Tenkyouken"?
> Yes, but "Shining Finger" sounded better for my purposes. :-)

 Well... oh, btw, what does "Bakunetsu" mean? (As in;
 "Ore no kono te ga makkani moeru! Shouri yo tsukameto
 todoroki sakebu! Ikuzo! BAKUNETSU! Goddo Finga-!!!")

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

>> Who's Goriki?
> He's this Tetsujin 28-style robot from Kia Asamiya's comic Steam
>Detectives. The line in my signature is from the latest installment
>serialized in Animerica Extra. I was very amused. :-)
>-- Mark
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>Goriki has an intelligence and grace lacking in all other megamatons!
>Plus, the power to stop steam trains! Goriki is ART!
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