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> > How many CDs was in this collection? I see Macross
> > CDs a lot, the original
> > ones have been reissued recently. Even if you can't
> > find them, there are
> > enough SMs floating around. Shouldn't be hard to
> > track those down.
>i think it was a two cd collection. it's the one with
>the big RDF logo on front. i see a lot of macross
>cd's too, all of them with minmei in front (sunset
>beach, 0-G love, small white dragon, etc...). i
>wonder if macross has the same background music as
>robotech? the particular bgm i was (still am)
>looking for was used all over robotech (macross,
>southern cross and mospeada)...

Actually, there were 2 Robotech Perfect Collections. The first was released
in 1987 or 88 by Books Nippan under their label US Renditions. It was a CD
release of their Robotech Soundtrack LP that had come out the year before,
and included several bonus tracks, such as a long version and a Lancer
Version of We Will Win, Minmei's "It's You," and 'Look Up' by Yellow Dancer
/ Lancer (The best song on the whole collection and in the whole show,

The second was the multiple CD set mentioned earlier.

In addition, Streamline's video release of Robotech paired up with the
corrosponding eps (subbed) of Macross, Southern Croos, or Mospeda was also
called the Perfect Collection.

Confusing, No?

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