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Fri, 24 Sep 1999 08:43:49 -0700 (PDT)

> You might ask the same question about all the
> Alternate
> Universe Gundams... but few bothers to do that these
> days.

ohm...good point. heh.

but there are a few differences. the original gundam
timeline is alive and kicking, and alternate universes
weren't intent on resurrecting a dead horse. they
were simly alternate takes. (if anything g wing
attracted me into the original u.c. timeline...)

robotech is a dead horse, but it's a magnificent
horse. but it's dead nevertheless.

> How many CDs was in this collection? I see Macross
> CDs a lot, the original
> ones have been reissued recently. Even if you can't
> find them, there are
> enough SMs floating around. Shouldn't be hard to
> track those down.

i think it was a two cd collection. it's the one with
the big RDF logo on front. i see a lot of macross
cd's too, all of them with minmei in front (sunset
beach, 0-G love, small white dragon, etc...). i
wonder if macross has the same background music as
robotech? the particular bgm i was (still am)
looking for was used all over robotech (macross,
southern cross and mospeada)...

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