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> the macross 7 kits require swapping as usual. (BIG
> disappointment for me). not only does part swapping
> take away the fun of playing with the kits...but it
> takes away a huge chunk of suspension of disbelief.

indeed. That's one of the reasons I tried to keep as many of our old toys
that I could. They were way fun to play with. Alas, some I will never see
again... Voltron, for example, and I used to have a Mazinger. (Tho if I
remember correctly, he was called Tranzor Z in the US and not Mazinger.)

> the kits make great battroids, but are about as good
> as bricks in fighter mode. it's just plain ugly. the
> transforming parts don't 'morph' from battroid's chest
> to fighter's body/fuselage very well. gerwalk is ok.

I think the problem with the fighter mode is that it's really shaky... worse
than the MG zeta in wave-rider, if you ask me. My 19 is set up in gerwalk
mode and I haven't touched it in months. Looks real nice tho... I should
probably post pictures of these guys on my website.

> the toy, on the other hand, is one slick thingie, but
> kind of cumbersome as a battroid. gerwalk is
> questionable...i think you'll be stressing out the the
> junction of wing and shoulder (like the classic
> valkyrie). best to just let the legs hang down and
> leave the arms back.

I actually got the 19kai toy, the pink and red one? I KNEW it was gonna be
pink and red, and I didn't want those colors, so when the thing arrived, I
took it apart piece by piece and spraypainted the sucker black. After it
dried I went over the parts with silver and gold paint markers for a little
bit of detailing, and ended up getting a really nice looking custom, well,
"model" cause I put it back together. In the process I also reinforced some
of the joints, with some extra springs and a little bit of a heat gun.
Wonderful for those rainy days, and looks SO out of place next to my invid
shock trooper. ;-)

> overall, i think the macross 7 toys are much better.
> -garrick

yeah, and these toycom ones look REALLY cool, so I'm definitely not feeling
any more hurt from not ordering the Studio Halfeye model kits. (Probably
wouldn't have been able to put one together anyways.) Now it's just a matter
of waiting, like it always is.

Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok
"Amazing. You spoke all that but didn't actually say anything."

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