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Fri, 24 Sep 1999 07:42:58 -0700 (PDT)

> > What about the Bandai Macross 7 models? how are
> the qualities on them? do you
> > need to swap anything to transform? One guy I know
> is trying to sell a
> > unbuilt VF19 to me....
> Hmm, no clue, all the good Macross 7/Plus kits,
> ie the YF/VF-19, etc, are way
> too expensive for me to ever consider. The 1/100
> regular kits, the VF-11 and
> VF-17 were okay, pretty basic. VF-11 doesnt even
> try to give you
> transformation, the kit gives you a seperate
> fighter and battloid.

i have the blue macross 7 kit (forgot it's name).
i also have my friend's fire valkyrie on indefinite
pseudo-permanent loan. (i offered to buy it from him,
but he wouldn't let me)

the macross 7 kits require swapping as usual. (BIG
disappointment for me). not only does part swapping
take away the fun of playing with the kits...but it
takes away a huge chunk of suspension of disbelief.

the kits make great battroids, but are about as good
as bricks in fighter mode. it's just plain ugly. the
transforming parts don't 'morph' from battroid's chest
to fighter's body/fuselage very well. gerwalk is ok.

the toy, on the other hand, is one slick thingie, but
kind of cumbersome as a battroid. gerwalk is
questionable...i think you'll be stressing out the the
junction of wing and shoulder (like the classic
valkyrie). best to just let the legs hang down and
leave the arms back.

overall, i think the macross 7 toys are much better.

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