Chris Beilby (
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 14:12:04 GMT

>I have read the Kodansha's manga of "Gundam 0080". The
>story was drawn in typical Japanese manga style (i.e.,
>graphically striking w/o regards of proportion), so if
>you are looking for OVA-style illustration on this
>"0080" manga, you will be disappointed. Yet, it has
>some additional segments exclusive to this book, such
>as Lt. Col. Killing's fleet was wiped out by a wave of
>Federal Force's MS, including FA-78-1 "Full Armored
>Gundam" that does not appear on the OVA. At the end of
>the book also includes a short segment of 0080's MS
>spec. My verdict for this book: stay away if you are
>not a manga fan.

Where did they dig up the FA-78-1?!?

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