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>Sentinels was cancelled due to the conflicts between the toy manufacturer
>and animation production company. Mattel (I think that's the toy company)
>used most of the Sentinels budget for the toys...and then the animators
>didn't have much left to produce anymore episodes than 3 to 4. That's why
>you would still see the seldom Sentinels toy like the Shocktrooper or such,
>but not the show.
*shakes his head* Not likely. The manufacturer, Matchbox, would not have
access to the same budget that the production staff had, unless someone at
Harmony Gold were a complete %$#^head. Any show's production team that were
to do this sort of thing would be very foolish, as the costs of building the
prototypes and then putting them into production would bankrupt the
production company. What happened is that when the line of Robotech toys
produced by Matchbox for Robotech failed miserably, Matchbox yanked the
budget, stranding production.

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