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Sentinels was cancelled due to the conflicts between the toy manufacturer
and animation production company. Mattel (I think that's the toy company)
used most of the Sentinels budget for the toys...and then the animators
didn't have much left to produce anymore episodes than 3 to 4. That's why
you would still see the seldom Sentinels toy like the Shocktrooper or such,
but not the show.


>> << But it would be nice if they finally went and did the Sentenels series.
>> ^_^
>> Especially if they got teh original actors back for the run. >>
>> Sure would, but I think we're both dreaming ^_^
>> It would be great if it where.
> I'm sorry, but as a longstanding Robotech fan, I'm actually somewhat glad
> Sentinels didnt get any farther. It was already going very hokey very
> intrepid five taking on the Invid horde!) and the plot would have
ended up
> messing up the original series timeline. Good potential, but Macek was
>going to
> screw it up, which makes me a little more than cautious about R3000. Hey,
> hear about his ideas for the 'other' sequel, Robotech: Odyssey? Rem and
> were going to be Zor's parents - a mobius loop.
> Neil
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