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> heya guys, I've got a question here. I can't understand very much of the
> manuals that come with these MG kits (well, not yet at least), but I'm
> wondering about how the Gundams and the like actually move. My rudimentary
> knowledge of mig things puts word like "pneumatic" "hydraulic" "gyro" and
> similar terms into my head, but I'm not quite sure what they all mean. Do
> they ever actually go into the mechanics of these things? (I hope you guys
> understand what I'm asking... I've been up all day on very little sleep so
> feel I phrased this rather... poorly.)

Well, Mecha Press did a really nice series of articles that showcased how
today's technology could be used to explain the inner workings of Mecha. Each
of the articles (three, I believe) dealt with a different basic system. One
dealt with structural materials, another dealt with motive systems like
Hydraulics and servos, and yet another explained different types of cockpits
and controls seen in both anime and real life. If you are interested, I can
probably transcribe the articles, and post them on a web site somewhere.


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