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> > OTOH, the good news is that if you've built one Valk, you can basically
> > build
> > any
> > Valk. Same exact model construction for both 1/100 and 1/72, just
> bigger,
> > or
> > even for whoever made it. Basically the same for the old 1/55 toys too.
> >
> > Neil
> What about the Bandai Macross 7 models? how are the qualities on them? do you
> need to swap anything to transform? One guy I know is trying to sell a
> unbuilt VF19 to me....

    Hmm, no clue, all the good Macross 7/Plus kits, ie the YF/VF-19, etc, are way
    too expensive for me to ever consider. The 1/100 regular kits, the VF-11 and
    VF-17 were okay, pretty basic. VF-11 doesnt even try to give you
    transformation, the kit gives you a seperate fighter and battloid. OTOH, if
    could manage to find the full armor conversion kit for it, then that would
rock, but
    I digress...

    Also, mind you, due to the differences in scale (Macross mecha are generally
    smaller), a 1/100 scale Macross model is generally the same size as a 1/144
    Gundam model (and still a little bit smaller). Therefore avoid the 1/144
    models as they're pretty cheap and small. The 1/72s are the best, too bad they

    never made an affordable Strike Valk in that scale...


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