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>A few weeks ago a guy called me immature because I'm 18, a college sophomore
>(19 in two months!), and I play with toys like these, and the MG kits. (even
>better! toys with lots of parts!) He has NO clue as to what he's missing out
>on. (Another reason I'm looking forward to the Alex kit - no core fighter
>means a solid toy! woohoo!)
>Matt "defender of rubber chickens everywhere" Hanyok

well, while i was still teaching, i used to have some kits over at my
cubicle in school...all the old teacjers were calling me immature, but at
least the students felt more at ease in my cubicle when they came for
consultation. it kinda made them less afraid without losing respect.
besides, I still have kits and toys in the office...and my biggest problem
is that people simply love to handle them. so much for the "Immaturity"
thing, LOL!

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