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> <<
> Your welcome. No, I haven't, is it a hard kit to build?
> Aaron >>
> it is a glue together, and frankly it is very fragile. And if you thought
> the Zeta was floppy because of the transformation you ain't seen nothing
> Jason

yeh, what he said. I actually am lucky (this can be debated) enough to have
a VF-1A, 1S, and 1D kit. The 1A is the only assembled one right now, I used
it as my testbed for the other two. Been too busy recently to do the others.
Certainly not the worst built models I've come across, especially
considering the time in which they were released (and they're no longer
available, AFAIK), but also NOT fun to build. Very unsturdy, and the worst
part is that you have to swap the cockpit with another part to change to
battroid mode. That's why I go after the toys when I get the chance, no
swapping. Tho, if done correctly, they make DAMN nice showpieces.

A few weeks ago a guy called me immature because I'm 18, a college sophomore
(19 in two months!), and I play with toys like these, and the MG kits. (even
better! toys with lots of parts!) He has NO clue as to what he's missing out
on. (Another reason I'm looking forward to the Alex kit - no core fighter
means a solid toy! woohoo!)

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