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> I don't care too much for CGI humans, can't imangine an all CGI true UC
> Gundam series. Machines look good as CGI, even Gundams would if done
> but I don't care too much for CGI humans.

yeh. I think that's part of the problem. Realistic CGI for people is pretty
far off. At least, it is unless you're squaresoft and have 4 years and 100
million bucks to burn.

> At least we get Macross Plus Valkyries from ToyCom, Wahoo! :)
> Aaron

Dude, I was TOTALLY UNAWARE of these before you mentioned them. My curiosity
was picqued, I did a web search, and I must thank you a thousand times over
for bringing these things to my attention. I love macross toys. It's why I
keep buying these models and attempting to assemble them. (Hey! You ever put
together one o those 1/72 bandai VF-1 kits? it ain't fun, that's for sure!)

Many, many thanks.

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