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> I don't know if I agree with you here, for example, this summer's Iron
> Giant did an excellent job of blending CG and animation and still having
> look like animation. Obviously a fully CG show would have a much harder
> time accomplishing this, especially if everyone has preformed conceptions
> from the original animated series, but as a proof of concept I think that
> the movie worked pretty well.
> Jonathan Rosenfeld

call it a crime, but I didn't see "The Iron Giant." I wanted too, but never
got around to it. Fortunately it will soon be out (already is out?) and I
will be able to buy it. I will however, agree with you that CG AND animation
can be blended to a very good effect, but CG alone can't do it. I suppose I
should have thought of the combination of the two, but my brain isn't
exactly up to spec right now.

good call, dude. ;-)

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