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>Personally (I don't know if this is how it is for others), I'm a big fan of
>the actual animation. No matter how nice the CG looks, it won't ever be
>"animation." That was my favorite thing about the older shows. Even in newer
>series, movies, heck, even games (The Playstation 2 Gradius Video, for
>example), those are AWESOME graphics, but it's just not animation.
>That just kills it for me. If I want CG, I'll watch Babylon 5. I think it's
>a nice thing to try out (like G-Saviour... whatever happened to that
>anyways?), but if the series was originally animated, there's a quality that
>can't be captured in computer graphics. (HAH! I brought it back on topic!)

I don't know if I agree with you here, for example, this summer's Iron
Giant did an excellent job of blending CG and animation and still having it
look like animation. Obviously a fully CG show would have a much harder
time accomplishing this, especially if everyone has preformed conceptions
from the original animated series, but as a proof of concept I think that
the movie worked pretty well.

Jonathan Rosenfeld

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