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> I grew up with the orginial Transformers and I thought Beast Wars was
> good.
> Aaron

fair enough. I think it all comes down to a matter of taste - what aspects
you liked most about the original shows.

Personally (I don't know if this is how it is for others), I'm a big fan of
the actual animation. No matter how nice the CG looks, it won't ever be
"animation." That was my favorite thing about the older shows. Even in newer
series, movies, heck, even games (The Playstation 2 Gradius Video, for
example), those are AWESOME graphics, but it's just not animation.

That just kills it for me. If I want CG, I'll watch Babylon 5. I think it's
a nice thing to try out (like G-Saviour... whatever happened to that
anyways?), but if the series was originally animated, there's a quality that
can't be captured in computer graphics. (HAH! I brought it back on topic!)

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