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> How many CDs was in this collection? I see Macross CDs a lot, the
> ones have been reissued recently. Even if you can't find them, there are
> enough SMs floating around. Shouldn't be hard to track those down.
> Eddie

Hey eddie! now I can return your favor by giving you some information! yay!

Heh, anyhow, the "Perfect Collection" was an american soundtrack released by
streamline pics. (Yeah, an AMERICAN one. One of those freaky things you see
every once in a while, like the "Akira" soundtrack at Best Buy, or the two
Macross Plus CD's released in the US by JVC. Go figure.)

The thing is, the company has since gone out of business (to my knowledge),
and no one seems to know where to get the collection anymore. I tried many
times to order it and stuff, but to no avail. I think Tower Records was the
one store that even had it listed, but they never got any in stock. And
import stores don't seem to have them either.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in the last message. Garrick - I've recently
discovered that there are two more import stores in my arera that also deal
with domestic merchandise. This of course means I'm taking a little trip
this weekend. If I happen to come across the soundtrack I'll let you know.
Heck, if they have two I could even pick you up a copy, but as I said, it's
HIGHLY doubtful.

Anyhow, that's what I got to say about that. ("Yo. Word.") Heh.

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