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> i have to put in with matt. i'm not eager to see
> another series, no matter how big a fan i am of
> robotech. if it turns out to be like beastwars, i'm
> gonna throw a tantrum.

I still have the original Transformers movie sitting with my video
collection. I watch it occasionally to remember the "good old days." I also
have a half-decent collection of still-functioning transformers toys that
will be alongside my gundams once I get some display space. I watched beast
wars once, for about 5 minutes. Couldn't go back to it. The new voltron had
the right idea, but the wrong execution.

> besides, if i recall, the entire robotech saga was
> wrapped up completely in the books. or did they
> somehow manage to weasel out another saga from "end of
> the circle"? i think they're just riding in on the
> name of "robotech" (good or bad).

Nope. As a matter of fact, I have all the robotech books and after the "end
of the circle" and counting the books that were published afterwards, it
pretty much wraps up the whole thing. It's a good thing, too, because
robotech is one of those things that are best left alone.

> if it's got new mechs and new casts...what's it got to
> do with robotech? or are they going to cram another
> three shows together? if they are, i'll bet maybe
> macross plus, 2, or 7 will figure greatly in it.

I would have to say "no." Macross Plus has already been released in the US,
along with "Macross 2" - imagine the confusion that would create. (Funny
story behind that... I bought Macross 2 a long, long time ago, before Plus
was released here, and was under the impression that 2 was the "official"
sequel-type OVA, and Plus was a spin-off. Thank God I was wrong, because
Plus is WAY better. I think I had a problem with the Mecha transitions - the
VF-2s in "2" seemed to be the next step from the original valkyries, and now
I'm REALLY off topic.)

I think the biggest problem with new mechs would be like say, the design
differences. Comparing the designs in the RPG's from Palladium, the
"americanized" sequels ("The Sentinels") are distinctly different from the
designs in Macross 2. Excluding the Cyclones, they look, well... crappy.

> 'course, if this somehow gets the classic valkyries
> back into production, i'll be happy. :P

Hear hear! That would be the only good thing to come of something like this,
but that's also only if they aren't crap-ass toys, but rather, some
high-quality ones. I'd gladly pay more for one that wouldn't break.

> and that robotech perfect collection. anyone know
> where i can get one? if it's still in print? (i'm
> specifically enchanted by a particular background
>'s always the piece that's played when
> they're all charging out to battle. haven't found a
> midi or wav file of it :( it's not the cheery rick
> hunter theme. it's kind of
> know what i'm talking about?)
> -garrick

Yeh. I tried to order that soundtrack many, many times. Streamline Pics
website was undergoing an "update" for a while and couldn't take web orders,
but they didn't have a phone number for voice orders, AND they didn't
respond to any e-mails. Turns out they've gone out of business. I don't
remember who got the rights to their stuff, but if you can find the perfect
collection, BUY IT, because chances are most, if not all, have been bought
by now.

Will gladly babble more about robotech and the like. feel free to e-mail me
aside from the list.

Matt "defender of rubber chickens everywhere" Hanyok
"I've yet to understand this concept of 'stupid people' which seem to exist
everywhere in society, who already outnumber the smart people, who control
most major portions of the world, are in positions of extreme power and are
breeding at an alarming rate. Honestly, it frightens the willies out of me."

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