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>what WAS silhouette formula about?
>the sf91 mech designs are my favorites, but i know
>nothing about the story, except that it's a "spin-off"
>from f91? not much info on this on the gundam project

The SF designs happen to be my favorite Okawara designs too.
Very basically, the SF line were Anaheim-built MSs using
stolen data from industrial espionage, as Strategic Naval Research
Institute (SNRI) was awarded the contract by the Feds to build the new
line of Formula Gundams. The name "Silhoutte Formula" is kind of a pun
because of the way Anaheim's suits are really shadows of SNRI's real
McCoy. It is no surprise that SNRI got the contract, because it is
basically a division within the Feds. In order to survive, Anaheim
needed to be able to compete (however unfairly) with SNRI directly.

The Formula line of suits were designed to be next-generation and scaled
down in size, as opposed to what Anaheim presented to the Feds (not scaled
down). The F-90 was designed to be modular so mission-specific options
can be outfitted on demand. Not to be ignored, Anaheim secreted started
their SF project by UC 0112.

The Silhouette Formula manga's story revolves around a 0083-like premise:
1 of the 2 F-90 prototypes were hijacked during test flight by the Zeon
faction known as "Oldsmobile", operating out of their base in Mars. A fed
fleet, much like the Albion from 0083, was given autonomy and assigned the
task of recovering the hijacked F-90 and elimination of Oldsmobile.

When Anaheim finally finished their SF suits, the prototypes were sent to
test flights, during which the first encounter with Crossbone Vanguard

What happened after that were, of course, events that led to F-91...


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