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> >
> > <<
> > besides, if i recall, the entire robotech saga was
> > wrapped up completely in the books. or did they
> > somehow manage to weasel out another saga from "end of
> > the circle"? i think they're just riding in on the
> > name of "robotech" (good or bad).
> > >>
> > EXACTLY!!!! that was the point I forgot to make. It is just
>capitalizing on
> > the name. That is why I see it as just a lame Voltron-ish excuse to
> > toys.
>As I said, it's quite possible. Although I am liking "Beast Wars" and
>"Roughnecks Starship Trooper Chronicles"... "War Planets" looks pretty
>good too.
*Nods* "War Planets" is a good example of how good writing can turn a
stupid concept into a fairly good show. I think that the toy line was one
of the most idiodic ideas I ever heard of. However, I like the show. As
for Beast Wars, I love the series, and have never understood why the
Transformers purists could keep knocking it down. And don't ever forget
that both of these come from the same company that brought us "Reboot,"
already a classic. (I miss going to Mainframe. *whimper*)

I have yet to see Starship Troopers (I have to be at work at 8 am my time,
and can't get up at 4:30 to tape it off SciFi.) However, Voltron is pretty
putrid, only having one redeeming feature, named Tim Curry. (Imagine Lotor
doing Frank-n-Furter! Scary thought, neh?) If Netter Visual does Voltron,
then they need to be tortured until they go back to the standard that they
set in the last two seasons of Babylon 5. Hopefully, if They ARE doing a
new Robotech Series, they will make with B5's level of quality rather than
Voltron's. And NO MINMEI! At least unless they recast her and make her
less whiny.

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