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Thu, 23 Sep 1999 08:25:04 -1000

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, garrick lee wrote:

> i have to put in with matt. i'm not eager to see
> another series, no matter how big a fan i am of
> robotech. if it turns out to be like beastwars, i'm
> gonna throw a tantrum.

I don't see anything wrong with "Beast Wars" myself. In fact, I consider
myself a pretty big fan.
> besides, if i recall, the entire robotech saga was
> wrapped up completely in the books. or did they
> somehow manage to weasel out another saga from "end of
> the circle"?

Dunno. Haven't read that far. Wasn't enough of a robotech fan I guess. Did
like Macross though... and Mospeada.

>i think they're just riding in on the
> name of "robotech" (good or bad).


> if it's got new mechs and new casts...what's it got to
> do with robotech? or are they going to cram another
> three shows together?

Heh heh. I find it kind of ironic that someone would complain about new
mechs, casts, etc. in robotech, when the original 3 were mashed together
with 3 shows with different casts and mechs!

> and that robotech perfect collection. anyone know
> where i can get one? if it's still in print? (i'm
> specifically enchanted by a particular background
> music...it's always the piece that's played when
> they're all charging out to battle.

Ugh. Although I thought it was okay at the time, the robotech music grates
on me. Too repetitive for my tastes.

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