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> > But it would be nice if they finally went and did
> > the Sentenels series. ^_^
> > Especially if they got teh original actors back for
> > the run.
>the sentinels...
>they have to keep the original theme song. :) a
>little remix would be nice.
>but they'd need to rework a lot of the costumes and
>attire. they don't look the least bit military-like
>but more superhero-skin-tight-with-cape. gah!
>i much prefer lisa's original hairdo, and max's long
>blue locks.

Well, with respect to the changed Char Designs, remember that Sentinels ws
originally planned at a time when Tatsunoko had sworn that there would never
be a Sequel to Macross (How wrong they were...) The character designs were
changed intentionally so that there would not be any rumors of a new Macross
series in Japan (Which could have been disasterous, considering the show's
popularity at the time.) As for the "uniforms" (I dislike them myself) they
were basically very poor redesigns of the Southern Cross costumes.

Ok, guys, we're sufficiently off topic enough that I suggest that we
continue this on the Robotech ML or the Robotech Cantina

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