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Thu, 23 Sep 1999 08:09:45 -0700 (PDT)

> <<
> besides, if i recall, the entire robotech saga was
> wrapped up completely in the books. or did they
> somehow manage to weasel out another saga from "end
> of
> the circle"? i think they're just riding in on the
> name of "robotech" (good or bad).
> >>
> EXACTLY!!!! that was the point I forgot to make. It
> is just capitalizing on
> the name. That is why I see it as just a lame
> Voltron-ish excuse to sell
> toys.


but guys like us...we LOVE the toys! :)

i just saw a couple of classic die-cast super
valkyries and the sdf-1 on display (comic alley, for
my fellow filipinos) but they weren't for sale. :(((

i find the new wave of voltron toys to be pathetic.
heck, i still have my old die-cast-damn-that's-heavy
voltron toy. and they weren't sold separately.
mwahaha :P

i find it kinda odd that voltron is sponsoring g
gundam right know. why promote a rival anime/for-kids

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