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> that be will be creating a new Robotech show due to premier in Fall 2000.
> don't know much about the show other then the fact that it will be all CGI
> like Voltron, WAR Planets, etc. I don't know how it will fit into a
> timeline, but then again they managed to cram three unrelated shows
> so anything is possible. My fear is that it will just be a half hour
> commercial for toys and not a good show. My other possible fear would be

I agree. I'm a fan of robotech (I was crushed when they cancelled Crystal
Dreams, and I've ordered Mospeada and Macross kits just to replace the
robotech toys that I once had), but from what I've seen of these new shows,
it's become a much more shameless type of animation.

What I mean is that most of these new "kids shows" - and I've sat down and
watched a number of them - pale in comparison to the originals (especially
when watched back to back), and are pathetic attempts at marketing new toy
lines. Call me a strange Robotech fan, but I don't want another series. I've
read all the books. Another series just wouldn't be robotech, no matter how
hard they tried.

As for Gundam, well, I've heard that Gundam Wing might be showing up on the
Cartoon Network, and there are rumors abuzz that the original series and
Zeta gundam series are being considered for US airwaves. I don't think
they'd go so far as to create a new show, americanized or not.

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