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<< Well, speaking as a *gasp!* Robotech fan (Yes, we do still exist.) If
 the writers do a good job, it could potentially be Very good. But what
 would they do? I for one wouldn't mind seeing it be Robotech: The
 Sentinels, even though that story has been told in the novels. But the
 thing is that if it's going to be good, they will have to remember that
 it was the story that made Robotech good (For it's time.)
 -- >>
yeah, I am actually a Robotech fan too, but having seen an episode or two of
that thing called the new Voltron show I am very terrified of people with
computers trying to make new renditions of old classics. They said that it
would have a new cast and mecha. To me that ultimately seems to translate
into we want to showcase new toys and rake in a lot of cash. granted they
could actually have a good plot, but to be honest I am not holding my breath
on anything yet.


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