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> Flipping through a recent issue of Toyfare today I found some news. First
> off they confirmed that Gundam models and toys will be available soon in test
> markets areas throughout the USA. And they also mentioned that the powers
> that be will be creating a new Robotech show due to premier in Fall 2000. I
> don't know much about the show other then the fact that it will be all CGI
> like Voltron, WAR Planets, etc. I don't know how it will fit into a
> timeline, but then again they managed to cram three unrelated shows together
> so anything is possible. My fear is that it will just be a half hour
> commercial for toys and not a good show. My other possible fear would be if
> they decided to introduce Gundam models to America by making a new CGI Gundam
> show. That could royally suck if done wrong.
> Jason
Well, speaking as a *gasp!* Robotech fan (Yes, we do still exist.) If
the writers do a good job, it could potentially be Very good. But what
would they do? I for one wouldn't mind seeing it be Robotech: The
Sentinels, even though that story has been told in the novels. But the
thing is that if it's going to be good, they will have to remember that
it was the story that made Robotech good (For it's time.)

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