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Wed, 22 Sep 1999 17:14:41 GMT

Guys, here is the complete scoop:

Gundam 0085: Rise of the Titans Multiple User Shared Hallucination (MUSH)

Game Site: telnet:// Port 9999

Note that Non Administrator login is Disabled currently while we are
finishing up the code and building the initial IC areas. Coding is
currently about 50% complete, and was slowed down due to a lack of access on
my part for about 3 months.

Target Opening Date: Mid November


This website is about 60 % complete right now, and should hopefully be
completed by the middle of October.

Christopher Beilby
Gundam_Wiz of Gundam MUSH (Currently in coding stages)
Game at Telnet: Port 9999 (Login Disabled)
Website at

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