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>From: Richie Ramos <>
>Subject: Re: [gundam] [Gundam] Website Feedback Wanted.
>Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 00:33:24 +0800
> >Well, first thing Richie, is to be patient until we finish coding.
> >you didn't need to apply. All existing characters will be ported to the
> >game (I still have all the PBEM stuff on file.)
>OH! <sheepish grin, bleat> Anyway, thanks for me not needing to apply!
NP Richie.

> >>btw, I like the
> >>way you inserted some AC stuff in. veryb interesting.
> >AC stuff? Where? I did everything strictly AD/UC.
>isn't the GX stuff AC? I thought i saw the pic of the Destroid Leopard
>attached to a GM description.
Actually, G-X is it's own timeline. But as for that pic, You remember that
Gundam Leopard/ GM Kitbash I was telling you about?...

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